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Facebook No Photo Yet


I took a break from writing, from web design, and from playing much with software for a few years. I always knew the web would go modular, and I always knew there would be a Facebook (to which I do not feel compelled to post a picture), a Twitterverse, and that “one day, everyone in the world will have his or her own web site.” No, I was no visionary, just practical. Once Microsoft published the first version of FrontPage, I knew it.

There was no reason to beat my head against a wall, learning every code language in use, waiting for “the one” that would be in use by “most” businesses, because there was always a new one, and one day, I wouldn’t be the only one creating my own, private scrapbooks of code snippets, washing each through Notepad or SimpleText, hoping a stray comma or parenthesis didn’t break it. Someone would write modules, if I just was just patient. Plug-ins…

FrontPage Server Extensions broke my heart. Not divorce, not my daughter slipping away while I was learning obsessively, not the guitar I left gathering dust until I sold it (after playing for ten years!) and certainly not the move from beautiful California. No, it was putting my faith into technology too easily broken because it just wasn’t ready, but it sure was sold well. The DIY website idea was great, with features “just like Microsoft Office.” However, it did not play well with others, and barely on Windows servers, for which it was designed. I wanted more.

Hey, I knew WordPress was there, in fact I signed up years ago. But, not until Windows 7, with Live Writer embedded, was I ready to begin again. Its true. I took a break. I was broken, but just like the modular web, I am back. I don’t have to post pictures. But I live in Saskatchewan now, “the Land of Living Skies” so I know that I will take pictures to post again.

I did break, but was not broken.