Lots of Work to Write

An empty frame

An empty frame…

Remember when all it took was a pencil and paper to start writing? Then, it had to be special paper, a special pen that felt just right in your hand. Then, a diary, particularly one whose cover looked and felt like it reflected you. Now, it takes several gigs of ram, a dependable network, and email to say the same things.

But nothing feels quite like a good pen rounding out your thoughts on a good quality piece of paper. However, that can really get in the way of your thinking, as you revel in the juicy sensuousness of the gliding pen and the rich, almost milky slip of your palm over the deep and thick quality paper (that’s the kind of paper I like, and its even made recycled, these days, so its not so guilty a pleasure!)…

But, when you really have something to say, does it matter how its framed?. It doesn’t matter what media tells the story. Getting the story told is what matters.



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