Working for my church brought me back. If God gives you gifts others can use, it seems a sin to not use them. Not Sin with a capital S. Just too bad to have put in so much time, so much effort, so much heartache, and let my learning go to waste. I am not much of a baker, and I never seem to have the time to cook big pot-luck contributions. But, I, too can help my church, my friends, for a greater good.Carrot River United Church

And so, I began again, with the research for a site to meet my needs, and allow me to fulfill the needs of my church for visible technology, Real communication, and something that would catch the eye and eventually the ear of the congregation, so to better help them engage. Web site for the church. Blog page for the rev. (soon!) Email lists will evolve to newsletters our congregation can subscribe to. I am working just as hard as ever, but not getting paid. Except with satisfaction. And I am actively engaged in this consuming technology that I thought I was finished with forever. Thankfully, this time I am not obsessively trying to earn a living. This time, I am obsessively learning for something greater: to assist my church, my friends, and I am not alone. I am not done. I am not broken.


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