This one is from Windows Live Writer, an interface added to Windows 7 for journaling and blogging. This can be added to my site, sort of on the fly, and I can add to it from the tools on WordPress, to “fancy it up” later. Just like I said, a modular world, in which cloud and modular storage for files and software backups, devices interacting through storage and just enough tools in common over the web. Makes it more useful, Finally.

In 1997, I got my first file storage site online (the name escapes me, right now, but the name was similar to Dropbox). All I could think of then was storing files to trade with Kevin, especially mp3’s, since they were too large to practically email to one another. It was fun, but even though it was free, I was sure they would start charging, and some did. that ended that. But only for a while. Now,storage is almost too easy. I used to run PageMaker, Microsoft Office, and a variety of Dos tools, all on an 80MB hard drive. Hard to believe.


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